Activities List

Below is a list of our extensive activities of dance, sports, science, the arts and much more that stretches the imagination and fuel creative expression. There will be a performance on the last day of class where the campers can showcase what they have achieved. Projects that were done during the summer session will be displayed in the gym.

Visual Arts:

Arts & Crafts - campers will explore the different creative process of making art using different mediums and every day materials

Beading - students will use ordinary plastic beads and string them to create artistic 3D objects such as animals and fruit etc.

Fine Arts - this class will teach your child to focus more about using colors, shapes and artistic design on paper and build a portfolio

Jewelry Design - students will be given jewelry projects and design something to call their own that is impressive and fun

Knitting - this class teaches the basic skills of learning to knit and understand the skill level of knitting patterns

Mask Making - campers will use different mask making techniques 

Origami - campers will learn the ancient Japanese art of paper folding

Photography - an introduction to photography. Campers will learn about photographic theory, technical issues, application, and composition (campers will need to provide their own cameras)

Pixel Art - campers will design digital art using Perler beads

Pottery - this class teaches students to use clay to form their own 3D art

Scrapbooking - students will learn how to create their own books and use them to store their memories

Performing Arts:

Ballet - an introduction to ballet with beginning development of ballet concepts

Chinese Dance (View last year's performance video-1 video-2) - children will learn the traditional art of Chinese folk dance and perform with umbrellas and sashes

Hip Hop (View last year's performance video-1 video-2 video-3 video-4 video-5 video-6) - this class will introduce the hip hop culture that is fun and energetic

Modern Dance (View last year's performance video-1 video-2) - children will learn to express themselves through contemporary body movement techniques

Tap Dance - an introduction to Tap Dance and fundamental tap techniques.


Basketball - campers will learn how to play the popular sport basketball and learn about the different positions on the team

Chinese Yo-Yo (View last year's performance video-1) - campers will be challenged to learn how to maneuver a spool and stick and learn impressive tricks

Cooking - students will learn the basic process of preparing food that is quick, easy, and delicious

Fencing (View last year's performance video-1) - students will learn the fundamentals of fencing footwork rules and dueling for combative or recreational purpose taught by experienced coaches

Soccer - campers will experience the popular sport soccer and improve their footwork and handling

Survival Skills - campers will learn different scenarios and techniques to provide basic necessities for human life such as shelter, food, habitat, navigation to safety, and to signal for help in an emergency situation


Chess (View last year's award presentation video-1) - our instructor will teach players to use strategy to beat their opponent and gain advance skills

Junior Engineers - an exploration and real life application of fundamental principles of engineering 

Forensics - campers will use clues to solve mysteries and in the process sharpen their minds and observational skills

Game Design - campers will learn the foundation of software application and game design

Journalism - campers will explore different Journalistic writing technique and will publish a Camp Newsletter at the end of camp

Robotics - experience technology first hand by creating, programming and troubleshooting circuits and mobile robots


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