Camp is not a risk-free environment, but with proper protocols and staff training in place. Our policies and procedures are created with CDC and DOHMH guidance and our Medical Advisors. Our approach to our policies follows a preventative mentality but is flexible so that we can adapt our policies as guidance changes.

Q. Will my child be required to wear a mask; even if they are vaccinated?

As of now, everyone at camp will be required to wear masks regardless of their vaccination status. As we get closer to camp, this guidance could possible change based on state and federal guidelines and COVID-19 numbers. We understand that the given the current data, the masking policy has changed for many programs. However, we rather ensure that parents are comfortable with the idea that children may need to wear masks this summer. We feel that it would be misleading if promised families that masks would not be required, but changed this policy closer to the summer.

Q. Will my child be required to be vaccinated

No. Children will not be required to get the vaccine unless guidelines require such a mandate.

Q. Are my children grouped by pods?

Children will be grouped by grade level and by their placement test. They will stay in their pods through the regular day schedule. Children who stay for extended day may be grouped with other students, however, this group will remain the same throughout camp

Q. Will there be a health check and screening?

Children and staff alike will be required to completed a daily health screening form.

Q. Are staff going to be vaccinated?

All staff will be required to be vaccinated to work at Kuei Luck Summer camp

Q. What if my child gets sick? What are the quarantine protocols?

If your child gets sick and test negative on a rapid test, we ask that he or she does not return back to camp until he or she is symptom free for 24 hours. Thereafter, camp will administer a rapid kit on the day of his or her return.

If your child tests positive for COVID-19, we will follow DOE protocols for COVID-19 isolation/quarantine protocols.

Q. Will children be required to be tested?

Campers and Staff alike will be required to participate in camp’s testing protocol. We are currently working on a testing protocols for campers this summer. This will be folded into the cost of camp tuition this summer. However, we ask that you provide your children medical insurance information. Our lab will attempt to bill insurance. Any additional costs will not be billed to parents. Testing is FREE.

Q. Are we eligible for credit or refund if my child cannot attend camp due to COVID-19 reasons.

In the event your child is required to quarantine due to a positive COVID test and cannot be traced back to camp, you will not receive a refund or credit unless you are forced to quarantine because of a pod from camp is mandated to quarantine by camp or government. In that case, you will receive a tuition credit of $25 a day. All morning classes then will go remote. This is the same fee for both full day and half day students to keep things simple.

i.e If your pre-camp COVID-19 test comes back positive, you will not receive a refund or credit because you must quarantine prior to the start of camp.

i.e If your child’s pod is forced to quarantine due to an exposure, and testing out options are not available, you will receive a $25 tuition credit for each day your child misses camp.

Q. Where will camp take place this summer?

Right now, we are planning to have camp at PS173. If the building becomes unavailable due to DOE Summer Rising, we will move the camp to St. Johns University.

In the event this happen:

  1. You can withdraw and receive a refund of your tuition less a $250 administrative fee or in lieu of a refund, you can receive a full tuition credit (no administrative fee) to be used towards any of our programs.
  2. Stay with camp at St. Johns University. Please keep in mind you may need to provide your own lunch or buy lunch. We estimate that this will cost approximately $250 per camper. We will do everything we can to keep this cost minimal or parents can pack their own lunch.