Online Tutoring

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During this difficult time, families are forced to stay home and quarantine while running their everyday lives remotely. Children are home learning instead of being at school. Children are facing challenges where remote learning is not as efficient and parents are unable to help because they are working throughout the day.

At Kuei Luck Enrichment Center, we like to challenge our students into developing a higher level of thinking and building a solid foundation. We believe that education is the number 1 priority to shape the future generations.

Our diverse programs and academically driven tutors offer a positive, nurturing one on one tutoring session for your child. Our academically driven and personable tutors are there to help your child succeed through this difficult time while parents can focus on their work. Our one on one tutoring gives your child individualized attention, helps strengthen subject comprehension, boost your child’s confidence, identify your child’s strength and weaknesses, and build important learning skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Tutoring Programs

Structured & Interactive One-On-One Private Tutoring with a New York State Certified Teacher:


This interactive one-on-one session with a NYS certified teacher will work on the curriculum your child is learning and understanding the core concepts in each lesson.
*Accreditation is available upon request*

One-On-One Private Tutoring with an Experienced Tutor:

*Best Seller and Recommended for students in Grade 2nd through 12th*

Our tutors listen and communicate early and often identify all your child’s strength and weaknesses. Your child will work with our tutor to understand the concepts and materials in their curriculum. Your child may also receive help with their homework if needed.
*Accreditation is available upon request*

We offer 2 options:

Afterschool/Homework Help:

Our talented tutors are ready to help your child in understanding and completing of their homework. We provide quality homework checking and clear explanation. Extra work will be given to sharpen your child’s mind.