Preventing Learning Gaps and Ensuring Students Stay On Track

COVID-19 has forced many families to rethink how their children will go school’s this year. Many families, have opted for full remote schooling. However, many schools have demonstrated that they are unable to effectively teach children remotely. The challenges many schools faces are:

  1. Class sizes
  2. Lack of digital resources for teachers and students
  3. Lack of live face to face remote teaching.

Kuei Luck Weekend Enrichment has revamped its curriculum this summer to adapt to the challenges of remote learning. Our classes are taught live face to face. Our class sizes are small so that teachers are able to directly engage all students. Our curriculum has a digital platform which allows materials to be presented easier to students.

  • Grades K-2 (Capped at 7 students)
  • Grade 3-8 (Capped at 12 students)

Class Details:

Classes are on Saturdays taught by Licensed Teachers on live Zoom sessions. Parents can elect for their children to take our advance curriculum by taking a placement test. For students who have taken our summer camp enrichment can also use their report cards and teacher recommendation for consideration.

Our advance curriculum, will matriculate through the on grade curriculum faster and move on to more advance material.

Middle School students must take a math placement test.

Class Schedule

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Grades K-2 9AM-11AM 1PM-3PM
Grades 3-8 9AM-12PM 1PM-4PM

Parent Comments

This past summer, our Summer Camp enrichment program was a huge success. We were able to success complete our entire curriculum this summer with 180 students. Our students were engaged. Here are some of their comments.

“My children had a great time during their enrichment classes and during their afternoon activities. They really liked Mrs. Mack and Ms. Han and had a lot of fun with both of them. This virtual camp was very well run and the teachers kept my kids engaged and interested”. – Stephanie 

“I want to take this chance to thank our Kuei Luck teachers. Thanks for them working so hard on remote learning program to provide a very high qualities education to our community.

Pls. give me and my son (M.Z.)’s best thankful to Ms. Marder,  M. is lucky to have her to be his summer camp teacher. Thank her for making so much effort that beyond what is expected. M. has improved a lot learning skills during the remote class. Also, thanks to M. STEM teacher and Scratch teacher. My son gets a lot of fun during the activities. The teachers are very thoughtful and kindness and very inspirational to my son. The last but not least, thanks to all the staffs of Kuei Luckfor providing such a good remote learning program which is very helpful in such a difficult situation (COVID-19).” – Zhang’s Family

“Math instructions are explained thoroughly and easy for kids to follow along. Mr. Bavaro makes sure every kid is actively engaged in a way that doesn’t intimidate the shy ones. Excellent job with teaching remotely! One of the best teachers we’ve come across since the epidemic started. Thanks Mr. Bavaro! Enjoy the rest of the summer.”- Adrian C/

“Thank you so much to each and every teacher. This is such a crazy time right now and their dedication and patience is what makes this summer experience great for our kid” – Ms. Lai 

“Ms. Chang has been wonderful with our son Jayden. He was deemed that child who can’t sit still in K. Thus, I was apprehensive at how focused he would be in a virtual class. But as I look at him on the camera during class, he is sitting and doing his work. It brings me hope that he will be able to stay focused and engaged when he goes to first grade! Jayden has become more confident in his writing and math, which has brightened my heart. The spirit days have been awesome! Jayden looks forward to them. Thank you to the kuei luck team! You saved my sanity this summer” 🙂 – Mary

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