Building a Solid Foundation

Weekend Enrichment classes help students build and solidify core skills in reading, writing, and mathematics so that they will be college and career-ready.

Our curriculum is designed to match the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS). In addition, our curriculum goes beyond that expected grade level standards and exposes students to advance topics in critical thinking and problem solving.

Kuei Luck Weekend Enrichment is held on Saturdays — offering two sessions, either in the mornings or afternoons. Each class is 3 hours long which covers Math, English, and Writing. Our classes are no longer offered by individual subjects and are now combined together as one class. The new Common Core Learning Standards have an interdisciplinary approach to learning. It requires mastery in all three subjects as each subject complements the other.

A prime example of how the Common Core Learning Standards have changed expectations can be demonstrated by a simple math problem. A math problem may require strong literacy skills in order for a student to understand and solve the problem. The problem may also require the students to write an answer as well as a written explanation on how he or she obtained their answer. This requires writing skills. As we adopt our curriculum to the new Common Core Learning Standards, we have, therefore, combined all three subjects into one class.