The Kuei Luck Experience

In its 16th season, Kuei Luck Summer Camp provides children an opportunity to advance academically and socially during their summer break. While the day camp’s core goal is preparing youth for the upcoming school year, we also focus on building soft skills that are crucial to youth development and future success. We emphasize the following core values: confidence, community, camaraderie, grit, and respect.

Campers spend their mornings engaged in rigorous lessons, discussions, and activities that align with the Common Core Learning Standards. In the afternoon, they choose from a robust roster of activities, such as sports or crafts sessions like Pottery, or enrichment courses like Robotics and Writings. The morning academic courses keep their minds sharp for the new school year, and pursuits outside of the traditional classroom setting flex their creative muscles and hone in on their passions.


As the world becomes smaller with globalization, competition has become fiercer. Summer break has become a critical time to empower youth to be able to rise up to the competition.

Not only do children need to keep their minds sharp academically, but they also have to further develop P21 skills, such as critical thinking and collaboration. These abilities are often developed outside of the classroom, and crucial for future college prep and career readiness. We believe a traditional camp settingcomplete with group exercises and room to explore creative, team building activitieshelps our youth cultivate the soft skills they need to become independent, confident, and well-rounded individuals.

Programs & Activities

Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts is particularly suitable for younger campers, who are able to explore their creativity and tactile sensations by making art with different mediums and everyday materials. At the end of camp, campers present their work during our Annual Camp show.


Campers learn to use plastic and glass beads to create artistic 3D sculptures, such as animals and fruit. Divided into both beginner and advanced classes, this class is suitable for all ages.


An introductory course, this class teaches the fundamentals of ballet. Ballet slippers are highly recommended; for campers without ballet slippers, socks are required.


Held outdoors in the playground, Basketball teaches children various basics and techniques through drills. Scrimmages that help them understand positions, rules of the game, and the importance of teamwork. Campers are required to wear athletic wear and sneakers on the days they have Basketball.


Professionally ranked players lead our Chess class. Campers learn game rules and complex strategies in groups divided by their experience levels. At the end of camp, they participate in a camp-wide competition.

Chinese Dance

Chinese dance is a complex genre, involving varied techniques and props like ribbons, fans, and drums across different regions of China. Campers are divided into groups for this class, with each exploring a different regional folk dance. In addition to mastering techniques unique to the dance, they learn to understand the history and culture that influenced the region’s dance. They also master basics that are used across Chinese folk dance.

Chinese Yo-Yo

The Chinese Yo-Yo or Diabolo is a an hourglass shaped device spun on string attached to two, handheld sticks. Campers learn to juggle this ancient device, mastering basic techniques and learning more advanced tricks that incorporate the body and movement. Taking place outdoors, the Chinese Yo-Yo activity is an opportunity for children to engage in physical play outside. Campers perform at the end of camp performance to showcase their newly learned skills.


Campers learn the process of designing, writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining the source code of computer programs. They also have the opportunity to create their own games in this activity.


Campers learn age appropriate recipes that are quick, easy, and delicious, while simultaneously learning about the basics of food preparation, including sanitation and washing of produce. They prepare different types of food across different cultures, exposing them to both new cuisines and cultures.

European Handball

Held outdoors in the playground, European Handball teaches campers how to work together in teams. European handball teaches campers various techniques and skills that include them dribbling and using their hands with the aim of throwing it into the goal. Campers are required to wear athletic wear and sneakers on the days they have European Handball.

Flag Football

This non-contact version of football is suitable for all age groups and genders. Aside from learning about the game and rules, Campers have an opportunity to play outdoors as a team.


Campers sharpen their minds and observation skills in Forensics by using clues and learning to apply the scientific method to solve simulated crimes. They also create their own mysteries and work together as a team, indoors and outdoors, to explore various crime sciences.

Gaga Ball

Often known as the gentler version of dodge-ball, this outdoor sport is great for all ages. It is a high energy sport played in an octagonal pit with a soft foam ball. The game combines the skills of running, dodging, striking and jumping, with the objective of hitting opponents with a ball below the knees. Players must keep moving to dodge the ball and avoid being hit. A second ball can be added for more of a challenge and to speed up the game. Once the game is over, everyone re-enters the pit for the next round. The high energy sport is fun and easy, and a hit with campers.

Game Design

Game Design gives campers a foundation of software and game design by learning Scratch and Javascript to design their own software or games. Campers who have taken the beginner course in previous summers should choose the advanced class.


Dance specialists teach hip hop fundamentals and techniques while exposing children to the fun and energetic hip hop culture. Campers perform in our Annual Camp show.

Junior Engineers

In this activity, campers explore basic principles of engineering design. By learning these tenets, they are able to solve design problems and try various building challenges. They work in teams and tackle real world building scenarios. Their final products go through performance trials so they can test and learn from their mistakes.

K-Pop Dance

K-Pop also known as Korean Pop is a blend of Korean hip-hop grooves, jazz funk, and house music. This introductory course will teach campers the dance moves of Korean hip hop music. They will learn how to move like Korean pop artists such as BTS, Blackpink, Bigbang, and etc!

Modern Dance

With its roots in freedom of movement and an antithesis to ballet, Modern Dance is suitable for a variety of dance levels and experience. Campers learn to express themselves through guided movement, and also have the opportunity for improvisation.


From paper cranes to boats, campers learn the Japanese art of paper folding in Origami. Instructors teach a variety of figures to accommodate varying dexterity of youth of different ages. Final pieces are showcased at the Annual Camp Show.


An introduction to photography, this activity teaches photographic theory, technical issues, application and composition. Campers need their own cameras for this course.

Pixel Art

Using Perler beads, Campers learn to create their own digital art, such as 3D versions of their favorite TV characters, animals, and Minecraft scenes. They design their own art, digitize them, and then use the digitization as a template to create their artwork with Perler beads.


Campers use air-dry clay to make pottery, exploring different techniques to form vessels such as bowls and vases. Their creations are displayed during our Annual Camp show.


Kuei Luck Summer Camp partners with the premiere Lego Education company, Bricks for Kidz, to offer our campers hands-on programming where kids utilize LEGO MINDSTORMs and WeDo Jr to learn and build robots.


In this class for beginners, campers learn different techniques of drawing in Sketching, including how to rapidly create freehand drawings, which are a quick way of graphically demonstrating an image, idea, or principle.


Depending on skill level, campers learn the basics of soccer and hone in on their footwork and handling. Groups are divided by experience and skill levels.

Survival Skills

Held indoors and outdoors, Survival Skills runs campers through different scenarios so they learn how to provide basic necessities for human life such as shelter, food, habitat, negation to safety, and signaling for help in an emergency situation.


Kuei Luck Summer Camp partners with local Taekwondo center, New York Black Belt Center, to teach children the fundamentals of Taekwondo in this introductory course.


This introductory course, taught in an indoor gym, teaches campers the basic skills and techniques of volleyball. Through games played on the court, campers will also develop teamwork skills and learn the values of good sportsmanship.

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